May 13, 2011

Help Write Now - bid to win a full MS critique from me & Sarah Enni!

This is my 200th (!!!) post, and what better way to celebrate #200 with THE TABBY CATT than to announce that, for the next 3 days, you can bid on a full YA manuscript critique (up to 90k words) from me and fellow YA author Sarah Enni on Help Write Now, a writing community auction to raise money for the victims of last month's record storms across the South.

To sweeten the deal, the highest bidder will also receive 3 ARCs from BEA/ALA (and we will even work with you to *try* to snag ARCs you are especially excited about!).

If you'd like to bid, HEAD ON OVER!

Bidding starts at $10, and all donations go to the Red Cross' disaster relief fund!

[EDIT: because of the Blogger fiasco, bids have been suspended until Monday morning. But if you didn't have a chance to bid, be sure to head on over on Monday!]

1 comment:

Claire Dawn said...

I thought it was just my Blogger that went on wonk!

Way to go, Abby and Sarah, being all benevolent. I wish I was confident enough to auction something :(

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