May 16, 2011

Help Write Now is back up (and a POSSESSION winner)

Blogger Failapalooza has been (mostly) worked out, with blog posts and (some) comments restored, which means Help Write Now is back up and running. So if you intended to bid on mine and my friend and fellow author, Sarah Enni's auction, which includes a full YA manuscript critique from each of us, plus 3 ARCs from BEA/ALA, click here.

PLUS, Sarah will chat with the winner of our auction to find out which upcoming releases they are most excited about so she can try to secure those ARCs.

Sarah's feedback on PRODIGAL MAGGIE was detailed, thorough, and thoughtful, and she also made a point of telling me what she loved about Maggie's story. I like to think I am a very thorough beta reader (fast, too!), so between those prizes, and the fact the money supports the victims of the deadly storms that gripped the South last month, it's an auction worth bidding on!

Our auction now runs through Wednesday, May 18th at 10pm CST.


The winner of an ARC of Elana Johnson's debut YA novel, POSSESSION, is Valerie, who recommended I read CLOCKWORK PRINCE.

Valerie, I certainly will be! I devoured an ARC of CLOCKWORK ANGEL last year, and you can bet I'll be reading CLOCKWORK PRINCE and CLOCKWORK PRINCESS.

On another note, I know posts have been a little light lately. They will continue to be light for another week or two as I take care of MAGGIE stuff. :( but also :)

Happy Monday, don't forget to bid, and hope y'all have an awesome week!

1 comment:

Yahong said...

Holy smack, there's a Clockwork Princess? Weirdest thing I ever heard. Also, that's an awesome contribution to Help Write Now! :)

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