February 07, 2011

Close to the heart

Some of you may have noticed the black logo on my sidebar. It's been there since my blog's first month.

I'm not one for public soapbox displays, but I'll be a soldier's sister 'til the day I die, and one of the things I feel most strongly about is ensuring our physically and psychologically wounded service members receive the utmost care and maintenance of dignity upon return from war.

Blogging is about sharing a little of who you are, right? Well, this is a cause I care about to the core of my being. So you don't have to agree with the organization's aims (though I ardently hope you do), but to understand this is to understand one of my strongest passions. And if in the process, this post informs a person about WWP who might otherwise not have known about it, all the better.

Below is a video illustrating a small slice of what makes Wounded Warrior Project a worthy organization. If you're inspired to give, great. But I'm not asking for your money.

Prayers, thoughts, and support make all the difference in the world.


The Blue Lipstick Samurai said...

Absolutely, heartwrenchingly, moving.

You don't have to support the war to support the soldiers.


Pam Harris said...

Thanks so much for giving us info about this project! My dad was a soldier, so the military holds a special place in my heart.

Digital Kitsune said...

The video had mono skiing it. I saw that for the first time like 2 weeks ago during the Winter X Games. The Sports Science segment on it was awesome. The following is highlights to the final race of Mono Skier X http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObA1HQ2D9do.

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