November 19, 2009

Deadline is a dirty word

Let's get this straight - my deadline's done me a lot of good. I have been infinitely more focused and purposeful in my editing since I set it.

But I'm not sure what I was thinking by setting it for December 1. Between now and then, I have to:
  • Make 2 more Thanksgiving cards (I handmade mine to save money this year... I finished 7 yesterday)
  • Make cupcakes for my husband to take into work on Wednesday
  • Cook green bean casserole and make tropical ambrosia for Thanksgiving
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving
  • Get at least some Christmas party planning done
  • Fill out Christmas cards and create/print party invites so both can go out the day after Thanksgiving
  • Go Black Friday shopping
I told everyone (everyone) about my deadline so I would be more likely to keep it, but I'm thinking it won't be the end of the world if I give myself another week. If this were a strict deadline from an agent or publisher, that would be different, but why stress out when I can give myself another week and there will be no harm done?

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, after all.

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