April 04, 2011

The curious case of the Cadbury cream egg

Anyone else love these delectable little Easter confections?

They show up in stores a few weeks after Valentine's Day, tempting me with their milk chocolate, gooey fondant, and bright foil wrapper every time I enter a store.

I'm infamous for my love of Cadbury cream eggs (not to mention their awesome old-as-I-am clucking animals commercial).

On Sunday, my love for Cadbury cream eggs finally came back and bit me in the... coat.

Sunday I did some laundry. I washed my coat, dried it, transferred my next batch of clothes - permanent press - to the dryer. When those clothes were dry, I spread them out on my bed, hanging and folding.  As I got to the bottom of the pile, I noticed a dried up, quarter-sized chocolate ball in bluish gold foil.

I called for Bear and turned it over in my hand, inspecting the odd little form.

"What could this be?" I breathed.

Bear shrugged.  "Looks like chocolate.  Did it get on any of your clothes?"

I shook my head.  I hadn't seen any chocolate marks on my clothing. In fact, the chocolate seemed to be intact.  What was missing was the... fondant.

But I didn't see any of that on my clothing either.  I went about my day.  A few hours later, I opened the closet to hang a hoodie. That's when my coat caught my eye (and I'm so wishing at this point that I'd taken pictures of it all).

There were streaks of white ALL. OVER. MY. BEST. WINTER. COAT.

I frantically Googled 'how to get fondant out of clothing,' but all I got were Cake Boss-esque tutorials on how to create clothing out of fondant.

Create clothing out of fondant?! I thought.  I want to get the fondant out of my clothing!

And this, my friends, is what led to my very own Failbook-worthy* status:

*My Facebook is for personal use only

I really don't know how this could've happened, mostly because it's unlike me to forget about a Cadbury cream egg. I gobble them up for the 2 months they're on the shelves, stockpiling them as Easter nears.

And coming from the girl who accidentally allowed Olive Garden mints to melt in her good purse and accidentally left a pen in a jean pocket, which then burst in the dryer, covering nearly every pair of jeans Bear and I owned in red ink (most of it came out with a good dose [okay, a whole bottle] of Shout!), you'd think I'd know better.

Alas, this was not the case.

But you can bet I won't be putting chocolate in my pocket again anytime soon.

Now I gotta go check on my coat...


Sarah Enni said...

okay it may not be very nice of me, but I giggled pretty hard reading this post! I used to work at a candy store, and looooove chocolatey treats. More than once I've had chocolate leave terrible weird stains in jeans, jackets, scarves, etc. LOL

Yahong said...

EEEEheehhee, same for me as Sarah! I'm not sure why, but domestic disasters always crack me up, especially since they're not even that serious. Do put up some pictures so we can commiserate over the damage with you, though. *pats Abby sympathetically*

Miss Cole said...

There's nothing that says SPRING IS HERE more than Cadbury's Cream Eggs. In England, we have adverts specifying how long they'll be in shops.

I hope your coat survives!

Sierra Gardner said...

I love the caramel ones the best. And yes, I've made a huge mess with them before as well =)

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

uggg. I dont like these. nasty! LOL

Rachel Bateman said...

Mmmmm....Cadbury Cream Eggs. How have I yet to have one of these yet this year? I might have to remedy that today.

Sorry your coat got the wrath of the egg. Hopefully you can get it all out.

(Also, a tip for the future: hairspray works WONDERS for getting ink out of clothes.)

Carrie said...

Oh no. I'm sorry your coat got egged. Not sure what will come out of it since it has been through the dryer but I'm a really big fan of this stuff called Tech Stain Remover. It is available at hardware stores but it gets out all sorts of stains.

Deb said...

When I tell folks I'm vegan, they ask if it's the cheese, the meat, the ice cream or "other" that's hardest. Normally it's not very hard at all, but the mere representation of a tiny piece of Cadbury Egg wrapper is enough to start me salivating. THAT is the hardest thing for me! (Despite that, I'm rocking a 100% success rate this year. :)

Before I went vegan, I would've boggled at the thought of an Egg making it to the washer. Most of the time, they never even escaped my hands before I'd eaten them, such was my love of them.

Then again, I wouldn't have believed I could forget a $100 bill in my pocket, but I've done *that*! That was a sweeter (ahem) surprise, to be sure!

Pam Harris said...

Lol, sorry to laugh, Abby, but this was kinda funny. :) Glad that you could write about it, though--it's kind of therapeutic, isn't it?

Jeanmarie Anaya said...

Oh my God, this was HILARIOUS. I'm a Cadbury Cream Egg lover, too. But since we only see them for a few weeks each year, I'd never--in a bajillion years--expect to find a cream-less one in the laundry. That is too funny.

My condolences for your jacket. Make sure you eat every single one in your posession this year. No pocket-hiding eggs!

Marie Rearden said...

Great post. I'm laughing WITH you, so I hope you're laughing. :)

Maybe try washing it again, hot water, all by itself. I'm no expert, but it's a goner otherwise.

My favorite's the lion-bunny. heh

Marie at the Cheetah

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