April 18, 2011

Cover dreams

If you're a writer, you've probably dreamed of what a book cover for your novel might look like...

I read recently that one art department asked an author what 'type' of covers she liked so they could take her taste into account while designing her cover (what considerate designers, by the way).

That got me thinking... what type of covers do I like?

Well, there's this:

 And these:


Regardless of whether you love or hate TWILIGHT, the covers? GORGEOUS.

Should I ever get published, I want a cover that's evocative; a bright, limited color palette that pops against a solid-colored background; metaphorical images that make you yearn to read the jacket copy; something unique and unexpected.

As an author, you might have absolutely no say in your cover. But we can dream, right? And be grateful for (eventually) having a cover at all, of course!

What types of book covers do you like?


Jessica said...

I love the Twilight Saga book covers! They are gorgeous!

Deb said...

I'm easily pleased as far as covers are concerned. The only cover I haven't liked is the cover on my copy of A Brief History of Montmaray. It looked like someone had taken a photo on a disposable camera and thrown some words into the mix. (The copy I originally read was from the library. Its cover was enchanting in its simplicity.)

My book's cover shares some similarities with the Twilight covers, but that wasn't intentional--at least on my part! All I know is that I saw the cover and went, "Ooooooh." Thinking pretty much stopped after I saw my name on that pretty cover.

I think I like the cover more than the book. Dang it.

Milena March said...

Book covers can be so important! It makes me sad than an author might not have a say in how it ends up looking. I agree, the Twilight covers are very striking. They're by no means the first to use that technique, but they certainly stand out from the rest. I love the Wicked Lovely covers and the covers of Shiver, Linger and Forever.

Anonymous said...

Jackson's covers are so striking and gorgeous! I love them. Pretty much all the covers you put up here are great. I am a big fan of visually striking covers that don't have too much going on. Which is pretty much what you have here...hmmm.

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