November 01, 2010

Harry Potter Halloween Party

As some of you may know, Bear and I had a Harry Potter Halloween Party - or, as we called it:

The All (Deathly) Hallows Eve Bash

I thought my fellow Potter fans might appreciate the pictures. I wasn't going for canon, so not everything is authentic, but here are a few highlights from Saturday night (click to see them a little bigger):

The spread - not sure how a water bottle ended up in this pic?

Candy wands

Potions centerpiece
House Cupcakes

Me as Bellatrix

What did you do for Halloween?

(PS - Happy NaNoing to all of this year's participants!)


Holly Dodson said...


Okay, needed a fangirl moment. lol I SO want to have a HP party. Maybe one day. I really love the pics though, and you made a GREAT Bellatrix!

Sarah Enni said...

Bad. Ass. Um did you draw that dark mark yourself?? Perfection. The House cupcakes are genius too! Oh man it looks so great, hope you had a great time!

Abby Stevens said...

Holly, thank you! It took me 3 washings to get all the black dye out of my hair, but it was worth it!

Sarah - I didn't, unfortunately! I got it from a shop on Etsy! And thank you! My Ravenclaw cupcakes dripped a little (had to thicken my icing up), but they were tasty!

The Blue Lipstick Samurai said...

LICORICE WANDS ARE LEGIT! Go girl. :D You look lovely as Bellatrix! It's actually a tad frightening, who knew you had that streak in you? Teehee. Glad it was a success, it all looks beautiful!

I went as beheaded Marie Antionette, and I have ONE picture that I cannot get off my phone... Fail.

KO said...

Dude. Awesome costume and fab decorations. LOVE it.

Pam Harris said...

You've just reached new levels of awesomeness. :)

Abby Stevens said...

Glenna, KO, and Pam -
Thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU!

Glenna - What an AWESOME costume! If you manage to get it off your phone, I'd love to see it! Text it to me!

Claire Dawn said...

Me and my neighbours just rewatched Order of the Phoenix and Half blood Prince.

I'm loving Beatrix. She's so fantastically crazy :)

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