October 04, 2010

Similarities (however small) & a top secret project!

So did you see the JK Rowling interview on OPRAH on Friday? Was anyone else surprised by the fact that the interview was more of a discussion, with Jo throwing questions at Oprah, and Oprah actually answering them, however briefly, before shining the light back on Jo?

If there is a match for Oprah's powerhouse status and sensitive sensibility, it is JK Rowling.

The first billionaire author and the Queen of All Media

One of the things I love about the writing community is that as a whole, we treat JK Rowling as the gold-standard of authorliness and excellent story-telling.

We don't aim for her kind of success (according to a YA Highway topic several months ago, most of us wouldn't want that kind of success). We don't strive to be her or write like her. But we know that what she created in the HARRY POTTER series is undeniably amazing; we love her, we love Harry, and we love the series.

That's a given on this side of the blogosphere. Not so much outside it.

None of my bloggy friends would think my HP-themed All (Deathly) Hallows Eve Bash is dorky. (Not that I'd care anyway — anyone who knows me in real life knows I'm dorkily proud.)

So watching OPRAH on Friday, I couldn't help but internally squeal at the similarities between us:
  • JKR has very pale, non-vampirific skin — just like me! (Friends describe my skin color as something close to 'translucent')
  • JKR wears bright red nail polish — just like me! (Who says pale people can't rock the red?!)
  • JKR wears shiny nude heels — just like me! Just like the ones I'd be wearing if they weren't $70 at Macy's.

Adorable, right?

I'll revel in any similarities I can find. *big grin*

Seriously though. JK Rowling is an inspiration to any writer, any human really, willing to listen. If she can bounce back from the brink of despair and achieve her dreams, any one of us, with enough hard work and hope, can, too. Holly Dodson wrote about the similarities between she and JKR this morning, with the similarities being far more important than my little list. Check her post out.

Also, I am working on a top secret project with some of the best in the blogosphere, so keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks! I can't give any details at the moment, but I think you'll like it, readerly minions.

Did you watch the JKR/Oprah interview? What did you think? Are there any similarities between yourself and Ms. Rowling (however small)?


Sarah Enni said...

1) YAY for JK and Oprah -- I am totally watching that later
2) HP themed parties are always. amazing. no. doubt.
3) mua ha ha ha sekrit project! *rubs hands together evilly* (is evilly a word? oh well)

Abby Stevens said...

You're going to love it - she's just awesome!

And I think evilly is as much a word as authorliness. :D

Sandy Shin said...

I really want to watch the interview, but haven't managed to yet. But you're absolutely right that she's the gold-standard for authorliness and great story-telling!

Heidi said...

She was 25 when she had the idea for Harry. I am 25 now, starting writing mine, even though I had been wanting to write a novel seriously since I was 18.

And I have also thought to myself "If I can just get this published, it will be huge," though half the time I've thought I was the crazy one till other people have said the same.

I was mostly just impressed that Oprah had read the books and resonated with something in there. And rather surprised it's taken her this long to get Jo on her show! tut tut Oprah.

Still, I wanted to hear more about future writing or about the writing in general but I guess all authors want that don't we. Everyone else just wants to hear about the fame money and poverty.

Jo sometimes makes me wish I was at rock bottom, because now I feel like... do I deserve something as good as all that when I have such good things happening to me all the time as it is now?

Pam Harris said...

I didn't get to catch it. :( However, everyone's been raving about it, so I'm going to fight with my computer to see if I can watch it online.

Claire Dawn said...

I haven't seen it. If I can find it on the net, I'll watch. Yay for top secret projects though :)

Abby Stevens said...

Sandy, Pam, and Claire - it really is great. I am sure it is probably already on YouTube as I type this! Have any of you seen that documentary BBC did in 2007 - 'A Year in the Life of JK Rowling' or something like that? It was amazing. Made me cry!

Heidi - Knowing what I know about your novel (and I haven't forgotten about those first chapters, btw, although I suspect by now they're quite different than when you sent it to me), I agree: I think your concept is perfectly possibly to be huge - it's just a matter of getting it all written!

I didn't realize this was the first time she had interviewed JKR! Yes, it did take her a long time!

And I don't necessarily think it's about deserving because you are or are not at rock bottom. I think if you work that hard and get it all on paper, edited and ready for the world to see, you deserve it regardless of your station in life.

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