May 19, 2010

Help me win KOrtizzle's May Grab Bag Extravaganza!

I don't usually post 2 blogs in one day, but it's for good reason this time.

I'm a little late to the game considering Kathleen Ortiz's May Grab Bag Giveaway ends Friday (5/21), but the prizes for Kathleen's contest are too amazing not to at least try for them:

3 random YA or MG books from her stockpile (including possible ARCs!), plus an additional prize that will be either:
  • a bookstore gift card
  • a note for a query critique
  • a note for a synopsis critique
  • a note for a first chapter critique
  • or an extra book.
Does it bother anyone else that this guy has stains on his shirt?

Amazing, right?
The reason I want to win this contest so badly (besides the insanely awesome other prizes) is for the chance to win a query critique from Kathleen, because I plan to query her by the beginning of fall. If she could look at my query now and give me notes to improve it, that'll make my chances in a few months all the greater.

So hop on over to Kathleen's blog and enter, and don't forget to tell her (and me in the comments below) that I referred you! It will give each of us 2 extra points towards the contest!

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