May 25, 2010

10 things that matter

Cory Jackson is attending an MFA workshop and giving a synopsis each day of what she learns in a 10-part blog series, as well as giving out prizes each day for those who Follow and comment on her posts.

Today Cory paraphrased a lecture Silas House delivered about Method Writing, of which a particular exercise caught my attention:
An exercise he [Silas] did when writing his YA novel was to have his young daughters take pictures of the things that mattered to them. These pictures helped him add color to his character, reminded him how children are always looking up (perspective), and reminded him about a child’s sense of wonder.
That made me think... what matters to me? What matters to you (especially you teens out there, who, as a YA writer, are my main audience)? 

So here's my challenge:

Write a blog detailing 10 things that matter to you. It doesn't have to be the top 10 things or anything profound or earth shattering - just 10 things.  No people or pets.  Then come back here and link your post in the comments.

10 Things That Matter To Me:

1. Whether it's a cheap pen that writes smooth or a pretty Japanese Zebra, I must have a pen that writes well and feels comfortable in my hand.

2. Books. No surprise there, right?

3. I'm not good at growing things (not liking to be outdoors + laziness = dead plants) so when I do grow things, I'm very proud.

4. This flag (and the country, honor, and committment it represents) is especially important to me because it was given to me at the redeployment ceremony when my brother returned from Iraq.

5. Four years ago, I was a very bad cook. I was never interested in learning (though my Mom is an excellent cook). Over the last four years, though, I've become quite adept, especially at baking.

6. Somewhere over the years I become the family historian. I started to scrapbook pictures of my grandma and my mom when they were young, but found it a massive project and stopped because it was taking too much time away from my novel. One day I will finish it, though. :)

7. The world. I want to travel everywhere.

8. This verse, and The Book it represents.

9. The beads on this lampshade. The beads originally went on a little lamp my parents got me from Wal-Mart one Christmas when I was a teenager, but I loved that lamp (it is long broken) so I kept the beads. I once saw the same lamp at a consignment shop but didn't buy it because it was $12 and I was a broke college student. I've always regretted not buying it, because I'd love to have another of those lamps and I just know I'll never find another like it. I'm very sentimental and just thinking of passing up that lamp still makes me a little sad now.

10. Back in the days before the proliferation of energy drinks (of which I do not partake), Tropicana Pink Lemonade was available everywhere. It is my FAVORITE pink lemonade, but since a lot of juices have been bumped from gas stations and grocery stores to make room for case after case of energy drinks, I am lucky to find it occasionally, so imagine my delight when I stopped by my local grocery store and found 2 liters of it on sale for $1!

So tell me, what matters to you?


Anonymous said...

Because I tend to write my WiP long-hand, I also enjoy pens that feel comfortable. :)

The Blue Lipstick Samurai said...

Excellent exercise! I cried through most of this post... More my raging lack of sleep than your will to make me cry, but those are ten very simple things that definitely take up place more in our nostalgia and hearts than just our houses.

Jen said...

I love pink lemonade!! Books are a must have and who doesn't love a good pen! I'm in full agreement about growing things, I'm not a green thumb at all but I love it when something works!

Cory Jackson said...

Thanks for the link! I'm glad you've found the tips helpful. It's been a lot of work on top of my homework, but knowing you've found value in it makes it all worth it!

Tarable said...

Things that mean the most to me are MaKenzie's happiness..a good book...finding THE best pen..a great dinner (home cooked) with a good friend and good conversation, and knowing to at least one mean the world to them.

Sarah Enni said...

MMM pink lemonade! This is such a great idea for a blog post, I'm totally going to copy it next week :)

And pens, AH! The hunt for THE perfect pen is my Holy Grail quest. Problem is, what I like about a pen changes... Quixotian Quest?

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