April 05, 2010

Bookmarks, dog-ears, oh my!

One thing people find strange about me is my disregard for bookmarks. As a self-proclaimed book monster, bookmarks would seem like a natural gift for me... and I do think they are pretty. You know how some bookmarks come in those little plastic sleeves? I have probably 10 bookmarks encased in a sleeve, all their little strings competing for attention.

Oh, there's the Harry Potter one! I love the shiny blue jewel on the end of it... and there's my Babysitter's Club one from 5th grade... Kristy kicked butt, but Mary Anne sure did cry a lot... oh, my kitten bookmark! 

You get the point. I have a bunch of bookmarks.

And I don't use them.

Strange, you say? You wouldn't be the first.

When I'm finished reading, I notice the page number (I have a photographic memory, so I kinda snap a mental 'picture') and close the book. When I pick it up again, sometimes I remember the page number, sometimes I don't (usually when it's been a few days). If I don't, I just leaf through the book until I find as close to the last thing I read as possible and keep reading.

No bookmarks. No dog-ears. (Dog-ears are a punishable offense in my house.)

So tell me... do you use bookmarks? Dog-ear? (Stay away!) How do you mark where you stop in a book?

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Candace said...

I also say no to bookmarks! :) Even though I am currently reading 5different textbooks, none of them have folded pages nor bookmarks. So what if I read something more than once, it just means I remember it even more :)

Although the Japanese ones have caught my attention a number of times, I still havent bought any.

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

I don't ever use official book marks. My kids would destroy them, even if I did. Usually what happens is I remember the page number or I grab a piece of random scrap paper (old receipt, etc.) and use that.

littleman00 said...

I use my receipt as my bookmark. Growing up, I loved collecting bookmarks. When the bookfair rolled around once a year, I'd use my money to buy bookmarks (since they were usually the cheapest thing for sale).

Nowadays, I don't buy bookmarks anymore but I still use receipts from books purchased to save my place. I don't have a lot of time to sit and read for more than 20 minutes, and reading usually happens days apart, so I need something to remember where I was.

Debbie Barr said...

I don't really use bookmarks either. Sometimes I'll slim a random piece of paper in, but mostly I just try and remember the page number, like you do.

Anonymous said...

Lately I've been using these Bob's Your Uncle bookmarks which really rock:

I'm not sure if they're for sale or not anymore though! Usually I use a receipt or an airline ticket, but I have to mark it somewhere. I'm jealous of your photographic memory!

But never, ever fold the edges of the pages! My mom taught me that years ago :)

Molly said...

A lot of the books I read come from the library, so I wind up using the little card in the back to mark my page. I also happen to almost ALWAYS have one lying around, so even if I own a book, I use a library reminder card. Miniature sticky notes are also really nice, because they don't mess up the pages, and if you're bored, you can draw on them! :)

Elana Johnson said...

Dude, I adore bookmarks. Love them. Every time I start a new book, I make a new bookmark. How can you NOT like booksmarks??? *shakes head sadly* You don't know what you're missing.

HeatherK.Photos said...

I have been given a number of bookmarks and I have lost all of them.
I am like you. I familiarize myself with the page

Heidi said...

I just close the book like you do and then reopen and flick forward reminding myself what I've just read.

Krispy said...

I love bookmarks! I collected them when I was younger for the pretty designs or sometimes they were souveniers from vacations (you know, sentimental AND functional).

So, I have a bunch, but I don't use them much. Haha. It's mostly because half the time, I'm too lazy to go find them to use them. I end up using makeshift bookmarks- scraps of paper, receipts, ticket stubs, cards, bookmarks other people have left in the library book, etc.

I don't like having to flip around for my page because what if I accidentally spoil myself?! That'd be awful! With you on the dog-earring though. Eck. It pains me.

Candice said...

I love bookmarks too, and I actually am probably one of the few people that actually use them. I have a horrible memory (and I'm only 33, can only imagine when I get older). So, bookmarks are a must for me. I am very against dogearring though. That is very upsetting and disrespectful to the book. But when I found out Abby did not use bookmarks, I was just shocked. I mean how could you ever find your page again!!! And I learned that I had been a contributer to her bookmark pile of never being used...haha.

Abby Stevens said...

CandACE, Kayeleen, Debbie, Heather, and Heidi - Well, I'm glad to see there are other people out there like me!

Sarah, those Bob's bookmarks are awesome! I like the one that says Happily Ever After.

Kayeleen, Jobert, Debbie, Sarah, and Molly - It literally never occured to me to use anything other than a bookmark, a dog-ear, or nothing... airplane tickets and book receipts - very green of you! And Molly, post-its are always awesome. It's amazing little sticky notes make people so happy.

Krispy - Once or twice I have spoiled something by flipping too far ahead, but usually it's not a problem.

Elana - I know, I know! Apparently, there is something wrong in my brain! The idea of making a bookmark sounds fun, though. Especially if it coordinated with the theme or cover of the book.

And CandICE (it's so hard not to call you... you know, but I'll restrain myself in public :-D), the bookmarks you got my for Christmas I turned into cute kitten magnets, so they did not go to waste! And as for memory, I repeat myself constantly, so I'm not sure it has anything to do with age!

And to all - I'm glad to see you don't dog-ear! :D

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