March 17, 2010

A limerick for Jo

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Each week, YA Highway hosts Road Trip Wednesday, a blog carnival in which contributors discuss a specific topic on their own blogs and invite readers to do the same. This week's RTW topic is:

Write a limerick about your favorite book or your work in progress.

For those who don't remember what a limerick is exactly (I know I sure didn't - third grade was a long time ago), a limerick is an often silly 5-line poem in which lines 1,2, and 5 rhyme and lines 3 and 4 rhyme.

A limerick about my favorite series:

There once was a woman named Jo
Who created a boy wizard you might know
   He had a lightning-shaped scar
   His adventures were bizarre
And to Hogwarts he did go!

And as a slight teaser, a limerick about my book:

There once was a girl named Maggie
Who lived in a house none-too-shabby
   Then she went to Ireland
   In the Modern World she was banned
And met some pixies who were a little too gabby.

Hope everyone enjoys their corned beef and cabbage today!


The Blue Lipstick Samurai said...

Don't forget soda bread! ;D

And awesome limericks, indeed.

Rachel Bateman said...

Love the limericks! How fun. I won't lie–the second one really did pique my interest in your book.

Kate Hart said...

Too funny that your book also fits the Irish theme!

YA Highway said...

thanks for participating! love them both.

Kaitlin Ward said...

Great limericks! Love your tribute to JKR :)

Michelle Schusterman said...

Oh, I adore the one about your book! So appropriate that she moves to Ireland - that sounds too cute!

Abby Stevens said...

Blue Lipstick - Thank you!

Rachel - I am glad to hear that. :-) I've purposefully kept pretty quiet about the details of my novel, but I know it's good to let little things out here and there. I thought a good bit about whether I wanted post the one about my WIP!

Kate - Yes, it was a weird St. Patrick's Day. I kept seeing things across the blogosphere that are in my novel and thinking, Wait?! Them, too?! Oh, no... it's St. Patrick's Day, that's right. :P

Kaitlin - Thank you! I love JKR. Kate's tribute to HP was more clever in my opinion, though. :-)

Michelle - Congratulations, and thank you!

Digital Kitsune said...

Fun Fact: Corn beef and cabbage is more an American tradition. Corn beef served as a substitute by Irish-Americans immigrants for their traditional holiday meal of a bacon joint and cabbage.

Abby Stevens said...

Hmmm, that is a fun fact. Well, as we all know, "Irish-American" and "Irish" are two totally different things. Bacon sure sounds better than corned-beef, though I'm not so sure about this 'bacon-joint' you speak of. :D

Digital Kitsune said...

Bacon joint is a cured but unsmoked piece of pork; so no Hickory smoked flavor for you. Unlike most American bacons which are made from pork belly, the bacon joint is made from the pork loin.

Abby Stevens said...

Eeee... I like applewood-smoked bacon. None of this bacon joint for me.

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