February 24, 2010

A guest in my favorite book moments

Every week, YA Highway hosts a blog carnival called Road Trip Wednesday in which contributors answer a specific question on their own blogs and readers are invited to participate as well. This is now an official weekly feature on THE TABBY CATT. Enjoy!

This week's Road Trip Wednesday question is:

If you could be any character in a book, who would you be?

If I had to choose, I'd be Hermione Granger, because I, too, am the most talented witch in my year. Just ask my brother. Although his definition of 'witch' might differ from mine.

Hermione and I share a lot of similarities, like love of learning and a no-nonsense attitude. I admire her strength, intelligence, and perseverance, all of which get her through the HP series fairly unscathed. Plus, I took a quiz on Facebook called Which movie romance are you? (while crossing my fingers that I wouldn't get Edward and Bella - no offense, but everyone else on my status feed was Edward and Bella!) and the answer was Ron and Hermione.

I think this might be photoshopped fan art, but that's okay.

But really, I wouldn't want to be anyone from a book. Books are interesting because the characters in them endure hardship. Compelling characters confront loneliness, frustration, grief, terror, and pain.

Thanks, but no thanks. There's enough of that in the real world.

would enjoy a few moments as a guest in quite a few books, though.

I'd love to spend the day at Twelve Oaks, sipping mint juleps and watching Scarlett enchant every man at the barbeque in the last few glorious, carefree hours before war broke. I wouldn't want to be Scarlett when she was stuck in a besieged Atlanta or when she had to shoot the marauding Yankee or when they were all starving at Tara.

To sit with Ron and Harry and Hermione by the lake just after exams and watch the giant squid sun himself would be amazing. But being Harry as he faced a possessed Quirrell or after he touched the TriWizard Cup or during the Battle of Hogwarts? No way, Jose!

Chilling in the Shire with Frodo would be a relaxing treat, but being Frodo? Carrying that ring? Dealing with Gollum and that giant spider and the Orcs? Uh-uh!

It'd even be fun to accompany Kaye and Roiben to the apple orchard in TITHE to see all of the gorgeous faeries, but pretty much everything else in that book would be terrifying to experience in real life.

So yeah. I'll stick with being me.

Who would you be if you could be any character in a book? Would all the bad be worth it to step into their shoes?


MaddyJsMomma said...

*the pic is really Ryan and Racheal at the MTV awards when they won best kiss.. Stragely enough one of my favorite books and who I would love to be :)

Kate Hart said...

You hit the nail on the head-- we torture our characters, which means I definitely wouldn't want to be one! Thanks for playing along. :)

Abby Stevens said...

Julia - I love THE NOTEBOOK. I was never sure if this pic was from the filming of DEATHLY HOLLOWS or if it was fake, but now I know! Thanks for clearing it up!

Kate - I am a new follower of YA Highway and I absolutely love it. It is my pleasure to participate!

MaddyJsMomma said...

well I thought it was that pic when I first looked at the blog but I googled to make sure lol...

Rachel Bateman said...

I love that we all want to be Hermione. What a bunch of nerds we are!

That's okay. I am proud to be a slightly overachieving nerd.

I am glad you commented on my blog–I am really enjoying yours so far. Mostly because you make me giggle, which is enough to be my friend. And you live in the south, which is enough to make me jealous.

I am now going to stalk you. Er, I mean read all of your posts. 'Cause that's just what I do.

Kirsten Hubbard said...

"I would enjoy a few moments as a guest in quite a few books, though."
I completely agree.

Abby Stevens said...

Rachel - I consider myself more of a dweeb than a nerd, but it's all the same to outsiders, ha ha. :) I am glad you are enjoying my blog! Welcome to THE TABBY CATT!

Abby Stevens said...

Kirsten - Thanks for dropping by! Books are typically so much more intense than reality, I think I'd only be able to handle small bits of fiction in real life!

Krispy said...

I'd like to be a random student at Hogwarts rather than any of the starring kids. Haha. It's easier! All the fun, not half the danger! :)

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