January 12, 2010

The Tabby Catt explained!

You may wonder why this blog is called THE TABBY CATT (with 2 T's, to boot).

I adore cats. Always have. Bear and I have 5 of them. You don't even want to know how many my mom has. It's a family thing.

My family started calling me Abby Cat when I was little because, well, I love cats. Preferring parallelism, I added an extra T when I was 13, making my nickname Abby Catt.

When I was in middle school, I wrote a family newspaper called THE BAD KITTY TIMES. Our orange and white cat Leo was the mascot. He was, needless to say, a Bad Kitty. Leo liked to scratch you while you slept. Leo would attack your head if you tried to hold him. Leo was mean - almost as mean as our kitty, Ally.

Meet Ally. Yes, this is seriously my cat. Yes, her mustache and goatee are real. Yes, she is a she. And yes, she looks innocent, but she is very mean to anyone but Bear and I.

THE BAD KITTY TIMES' fake publisher was (T)Abby Catt Productions. I told myself that if I ever started a company, I would name it that.

Well, a blog is sort of like a company.

And so there it is - double B, double T.

The Tabby Catt.

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