December 05, 2009

Wisdom teeth and lessons learned

I had my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. During my recuperation (during which time my husband kindly took off work and cared for me without complaint), I have realized two things:

1.) I am taking my time finishing this book because I am terrified of what people will think about it.  I also realized that caring too much what others think is bad for business. I must write what I think is fun/real/entertaining and hope that, because the human condition is shared by all, others will relate to and enjoy my story.

Authors say that you musn't care what others think of your work. This is true and yet not true because, inherently, if you want your work to be read by others, you must worry what someone thinks (agent, editor, publisher, etc.) - however, the lesson I pull from this is to write your very best and let the chips fall where they may. All you can do is your best, right?

2.) Bad experiences can make you a better writer. For every bad experience you endure, it makes you wiser and stronger, more aware of yourself and the nuances of the particular experience. One day I may need to write a wisdom tooth extraction and I will write it more realistically for having had the painful experience myself. That's not to say go looking for trouble, gloom, or doom, but if you've dealt with something bad/painful/scary, it can only make you a richer person (and thus writer) for having experienced it.

Who knew having your wisdom teeth extracted might make you a little wiser?

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